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The China Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand (CCCNZ) is a non-profit organisation to facilitate business, investments, and mutual understanding between China and New Zealand building an innovative and effective partnership for sustainable development.

Membership at CCCNZ brings together individuals, companies and organisations that share a deep interest in doing business between China and New Zealand. We engage with a diverse range of professions and sectors including businesses, academics, diplomats, the media, NGOs, politicians, policy-makers, on core issues and promote the exchange of best practice between China and New Zealand.

Focusing on key areas of activity, we provide a comprehensive platform for organising from business meetings, FTA briefings, presentations, seminars, discussion, luncheons and dinners for networking and business development opportunities to help promote our members’ business interests and develop their network.

新西兰中国商会成立于2002年,自成立以来一贯得到了中国驻新西兰大使馆和总领馆的大力支持。商会会员中有许多大型知名的中国国有企业在新西兰的分子公司:如中国银行,中国工商银行,中国建设银行、中远、五矿、南航、国航、东航、中旅等等,也有大型中国国有企业在新西兰投资的公司,比如海尔集团、雅士利乳品公司、WASTE MANAGEMENT, PGW 等;还有很多知名的大型民营企业的新西兰分子公司:比如华为、鹏欣、中冠、富华集团、上海中房置地等, 以及在新西兰当地成长起来的华人背景的企业及专业人士等。会员的企业涉及新西兰的金融、乳品业、旅游、航空、航运、林业、教育、科技、保险、贸易和加工等等各个领域。


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